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Hole Saws Questions and Answers

Question: When should I use a Bi Metal Hole Saw?
Answer: Bi Metal hole saws are recommended for cutting copper, steel, aluminum, brass, cast iron, plastic or wood.

Question: When should I use a Carbide Hole Saw?
Answer: Carbide hole saws are recommended for cutting cast iron, ductile iron, wood laminates, fiberglass, plywood or tile.

Question: What is the proper rpm for cutting wood, steel or other types of material?
Answer: Please see our Blu-Mol RPM Chart for best practices. Always wear proper safety gear when using hole saws.

Question: Does Blu-Mol make different kits for various types of jobs?
Answer: Yes, they have unique Blu-Mol Hole Saw Kits just for electricians, locksmiths, handyman, plumbers, industrial work and more.

Question: When should I use a STHS Hot Tap-Line Stop Carbide Tipped Cutter?
Answer: These are made specifically for hot tapping and line stopping with the TM-1 Pro Hot Tap System. They have a standard holesaw back-plate that can also be used with a standard or heavy duty arbor. They work well with ductile and cast iron pipe.

Question: What is the difference between your Relton Carbide Cutters and the Blu-Mol or TapMaster Carbide Hole Saws?
Answer: The Blu-Mol and TapMaster Carbide hole saws have carbide tips, which allow for greater heat and wear resistance than bi-metal saws. The Relton Carbide Cutters have brazed carbide teeth which have great endurance, can be sharpened, and can be replaced if needed.

Question: Can you make the Relton Carbide Tipped Hole Saws for any other sizes? What if I need special inside diameter?
Answer: Yes, Relton can make diameters to 60” and cutting depths to 48”. Relton can make just about any combination of Pipe ID and OD as needed.

Question: Why are the Relton Carbide Tipped Hole Saws more expensive than standard carbide hole saws?
Answer: The Relton Carbide Tipped Hole Saws are commercial quality made for manufacturing and when being used often. They outlast a Bi Metal hole saw 50-1 to 200-1

Question: Can you replace the Relton Hole Saws brazed on carbide tips or resharpen them?
Answer: Yes, both can be done very inexpensive cutting down the real cost of ownership.

Question: Can I use my standard arbor with the Relton Carbide Tipped Hole Saws?
Answer: No, not unless you have a special order. Then we can have the standard hole saw back-plate made.

Question: Why are the TapMaster Bi-Metal and Carbide DoubleStack, TripleStack, QuadStack Hole Saws so expensive? Can I use my standard arbor with these?
Answer: The TapMaster Bi-Metal and the TapMaster Carbide Hole Saws are cut and perfectly welded together so they cut straight and round. There is not a major hole saw manufacturer currently making a cutting depth over 2.00” yet there is a big need for Xtra Deep hole saws. We provide these at a reasonable cost mainly for our hot tap and pipeline customers. These Hole Saws use the standard arbors made by all major manufacturers

Question: Do I need to use Pilot Drills with dual retention wires when I hot tap?
Answer: It is highly recommended that you use TapMaster Steel Pilots with Dual Retention Wires for Hot Tapping because the retention wires grab/catch the coupon/cookie so it doesn’t fall down into the pipe and block the line or jam a valve. That could be quite an expensive repair. These are made especially for the TM-1 Pro machines.

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