Hot Tap Machines

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Which hot tap machine would meet my needs?

It depends largely on what size tap you need to perform and how you plan on using your machine. For commercial use, and for taps up to 6”, the TapMaster TM-1 Pro Series is the model that will hold up to daily use. If you need to perform taps 2” or smaller and will only use the machine on occasion, the Wheeler Rex 8100 and the Wheeler Rex 8200 are great manual tapping machines. The Wheeler Rex has additional available for matching up with unique thread patterns where the TM-1 and Wheeler Rex are designed with NPT threads only.

TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine:

Recommended For: Copper, Steel, PVC, C900, CI, and DI Pipe
Capacity: From 3/4″ to 4.00″ Threaded Adapters and 6.00″ Std/MJ Drilled Flanged Adapter

System: Designed for drilling holes in active water, sewer and air lines
Pressure Rating: 300 PSIG cold working pressure at 100° F w/ Buna Seals
Pressure Rating: 200 PSIG 250° F Hot working pressure – Silicon Seals (Optional)
Pressure Rating: 150 PSIG 350° F Hot working pressure – Silicon Seals (Optional)
Temperature Rating: -40° to 250° F with Buna Seals
Temperature Rating: -65° to 425° F with Silicone seals
Hydro-Test Pressure: 350 PSI cold, non-shock
Boring Bar Stroke: Short Boring Bar = 13.75″ Long Boring Bar = 48.00″
Feed Screw Stroke: 3″ to 8.50″ = Positional at any locations, covering approx. 15″
Power Motor: Milwaukee 1/2″ Hole Hawg Electric Motor – 300 free rpm; 120 v 60 HZ
Available in Multi-configurations

Wheeler Rex 8100 and 8200 Hot Tap Machines

Base Unit: Comes with 3/4″ and 1″ HSS cutters and NPT adapters
Complete Unit: Comes with 3/4″ to 2.00″ HSS cutters and NPT adapters


Hand Operated
Designed for drilling holes in active water/air/gas/sewer lines up to 250 PSI
Built-in bleed-off valve which allows chips to be flushed away
Lightweight and easy for one man to set-up and use
Comes with Ratchet, Tool Box, and accessories for making taps



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