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About Us

PipeMan Products, Inc. has been offering innovative plumbing products to the PHCC and Water Works World since 2001. We offer unique solutions "That Work" to meet the industry's demand for efficient pipe repair products.

We started the business with our revolutionary Insta-Clamp™ Solder Joint Repair Clamp that has changed the way commercial plumbers and mechanical engineers do business with hospitals, hotels, large building facilities and manufacturing plants. It helped them eliminate shut-downs or to schedule repairs when it was best for the facility.

Since then, we have expanded our line of products to provide the hard to find and very best solutions for the Hot Tap, Line Stop, Pipe Freeze and Commercial Pipe Repair Industry. We look forward to assisting you for many years to come.


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Please Note: Insta-Clamp™, Insta-Clamp Plus™, and Insta-Clamp Extended Range™ S/S Solder Joint Repair Clamp, Mighty Deep™ Bi Metal and Carbide Hole Saws, Mighty Kutz™ Bi Metal and Carbide Hole Saws, Deep , Tap Master™ DoubleStack™, TripleStack™, and QuadStack™ Xtra Deep Hole Saws™, TapMaster™ Leading Edge Sealing Elements, GorillaGrip™, Gorilla Grip™ Gasket, the GorillaGrip™ and Gorilla Grip™ Gasket Logo, CopperStopper™, SteelStopper™, DuctileStopper™, PVCStopper™, A-C-Stopper™ Line Stop Saddles, TapMaster™ Hot Tap Pilots, TM-1 Pro™ Series Hot Tap Machine, and all PipeMan Products, Inc, Logos are trademarks of PipeMan Products, Inc. Use without written permission is prohibited.

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We Specialize in Hot Tapping, Line Stopping, Pipe Freezing, and Commercial Pipe Repair Products!