Cast Couplings for Pipe Repair
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Steel Couplings

Steel Couplings use a more vertical type seal than a repair coupling. They are used for permanently joining pipe when a welding or glue fitting is too difficult to work.

JCM 201 Steel Couplings for Steel and PVC Pipe Sizes

Recommended For:

  • • Joining plain end pipe
  • • Quick, simple to install, using only a wrench
  • • Gaskets absorb vibration and pipe movement
  • • Available for most sizes of steel, PVC or cast iron pipe sizes
JCM 202 Long Steel Couplings for Steel Pipe Sizes

Recommended For: Steel, PVC or Cast Iron Pipe

  • • Available in sizes 2.00" to 12.00" diameters with widths of 12.00" or 16.00"
  • • Gaskets absorb vibration and Pipe Movement
  • • No Beveling, Costly Threading, Exact Pipe Alignment of Fitting is required
  • • ANSI/NSF Standard 61 and Standard 61 Annex G Certified
JCM 203 Steel Transition Couplings

Recommended For:

  • • Joining plain end pipe of the nominal size but different outside diameter
  • • Available in 2" - 12" OD
JCM 204 Steel Reducing Couplings

Recommended For: Joining Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, Steel and C-905 PVC Pipe

  • • Available in sizes 1/2" to 24.00" diameters
  • • NBR Gaskets Rated from 400 to 2120
  • • Rated for 250 PSI working pressure when installed per manufacturer’s instructions.
  • • Recommended for water, salt solutions, mild acids, bases, sewage and natural gas.

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