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TapMaster TM-1 Pro - The Professional Hot Tap Machine TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine      TapMaster TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine

The TM-1 Pro is the Premier Professional Electric Drive Hot Tap Machine for 3/4" to 4.0" NPT and 6.0" Flanged hot taps. It is an easy-to-use hot tapping / wet tapping machine that requires only one person to get the job done. Driven by a Milwaukee 1675-6 R/A Hole Hawg Drive Motor, this exceptional hot tap system has been proven in the field by hundreds of professionals over the last 20-years. The use of the specially designed heavy-duty boring bars sets this machine apart from similar inferior machines that use flimsy arbors. They make sure that the job gets done right every time. Made by Professionals for Professionals! Call for availability in CA, NV, AZ, NM, ID, MT, UT, WA, and WY.

The TM-1 Pro Taps:

  • Copper Pipe
  • Brass Pipe
  • Steel Pipe
  • Stainless Steel Pipe
  • Stainless Steel Tube
  • PE Pipe
  • Plastic Irrigation Pipe
  • Ductile Iron Pipe
  • Cast Iron Pipe
  • CMLC Pipe
  • Asbestos Cement Pipe
  • Transite Pipe
  • Metal Tanks

Pipeline Contents:

  • Chilled Water
  • Hot Water
  • Potable Water
  • Glycol
  • Wastewater
  • Sewer
  • Gravity Sewer
  • Steam
  • Compressed Air
  • Natural Gas
  • Reclaimed Water
  • Pipelines
  • Crude Oil
  • Chemicals
  • TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine Manual
  • TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine Specs
  • TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine Specs
  • TM-1 Pro Hot Tap Machine FAQ

Recommended For: Copper, Steel, PVC, C900, CI, and DI Pipe
Capacity: From 3/4" to 4.00" Threaded Adapters and 6.00" Std/MJ Drilled Flanged Adapter


  • System: Designed for drilling holes in active water, sewer and air lines
  • Pressure Rating: 300 PSIG cold working pressure at 100° F w/ Buna Seals
  • Pressure Rating: 200 PSIG 250° F Hot working pressure - Silicon Seals (Optional)
  • Pressure Rating: 150 PSIG 350° F Hot working pressure - Silicon Seals (Optional)
  • Temperature Rating: -40° to 250° F with Buna Seals
  • Temperature Rating: -65° to 425° F with Silicone seals
  • Hydro-Test Pressure: 350 PSI cold, non-shock
  • Boring Bar Stroke: Short Boring Bar = 13.75" Long Boring Bar = 48.00"
  • Feed Screw Stroke: 3" to 8.50" = Positional at any locations, covering approx. 15"
  • Power Motor: Milwaukee 1/2" Hole Hawg Electric Motor - 300 free rpm; 120 v 60 HZ
  • Available in Multi-configurations
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