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Manual and Electric Hydrostatic Pumps

How Does A Hydrostatic Pump Work?

Hydrostatic test pumps are used for pressure testing water systems such as hot tapping saddles and sleeves, water meters, plumbing lines, solar systems and sprinkler systems. They are used for both residential and commercial building application. Portable Hydrostatic Pumps are easy to use on the job site for small to medium size jobs. They allow you to determine if there is a leak or if your hot tap saddle or sleeve is on correctly and can hold the maximum 150psi waterworks in the pipe line. Water is always recommend for use with a Hydrostatic Pump for hot tap applications because water and air have different properties and dynamics when used on pipe.

The manufacturers of our tapping sleeves and tapping saddles highly recommend hydrostatic testing since water and air behave differently. If a saddle fails an air test and is sent back to the manufacturer for a return, when they test it using water and it passes, a refund will not be issued. It is important to test with the contents of the pipe.

Wheeler Rex Hand Operated Hydrostatic Pumps

Recommended For: Hydro testing tapping sleeves and saddles before drilling

  • • 3 Models - 300 PSI and 1,000 PSI no tank and 870 PSI with SS tank
  • • Lightweight and easy to use
  • • 10' High-pressure output hose
  • • All have gauges for pressure testing
Wheeler Rex Electric Hydrostatic Pump

Recommended For: Hydro testing tapping sleeves and saddles before drilling

  • • Rated to 300 PSI
  • • Recommended for fire sprinkler lines, commercial plumbing and industrial testing
  • • Built-in adjustable pressure regulator and 10’ High Pressure Hose
  • • Features: 4gpm/300 PSI (15 lpm/20 bar) 1/2 hp. 115/230V, 60Hz Motor
Wheeler Rex Gas Powered Hydrostatic Pump

Recommended For:

  • • Automatic and precise pressure build-up
  • • Isolates and maintains high pressure
  • • Adjustable automatic by-pass
  • • Constant volume at all pressure
Wheeler Rex Hand Operated Hydrostatic Pump Accessories

Optional Accessories:

  • • 10’ High Pressure Output Hose
  • • Pump Rebuild Kit
  • • 10’ Long Intake Hose with Strainer

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