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Ultra-Sleeve Super Range Joint Repair Sleeve

One sleeve fits most bell joints in a nominal diameter

  • Ultra Sleeve Super Range Joint Repair Specs
  • Install

Recommended for: Encapsulation and repair of a split bells, leaking Couplings, Old Repair Clamps or other types of joints.

This unique sleeve eliminates the need to shut down the water main, saving on time and repair operations. The sleeve is relatively light in weight, has pre-installed side-bar gaskets and an easy to install butt gasket on the end gland. Distinctive design eliminates having to tighten end gland bolts, allowing for quicker assembly.

No need to trim or cut gaskets. Simply piece each half together and tighten the bolts for a quick, permanent repair.

Easy to to follow instructions included in every sleeve.


  • Wide Range and Long Body – One Sleeve Easily covers CIP/DIP/PVC Bells, most Couplings
    with two or more bolts and Asbestos Cement Pipe Collars/Couplings
  • Easy to Install - Two Pieces, Easy to Reach Bolts that Tighten with Standard Wrench
  • Eliminate the Need for a Bolted End Gland (Saving Time and Labor During Installation)
  • Cost Effective - One Sleeve Works on Multiple Pipe Classes
    (Works on AC, DIP, CIP, IPS, PVC Diameters and more)
  • Rigid Construction with Lifting Eyes to assist in installation
  • No Need to Shut Off Water Main
  • Use as a Coupling to Join Pipe Ends or Use for a 360 Degree Encapsulation of the Pipe
  • For Below Ground Use


  • Working Pressure up to 200 psi
  • Qualification Tested to 1.5X Working Pressure
  • Gasket Material: NSF-61 Approved NBR Rubber for Water and Sewer Service
  • Shell constructed of Cast Ductile Iron
  • Temperature: Max Continuous Temperature -80 degrees F
  • Nuts, Bolts and Washers: 18-8 Grade 304 Stainless Steel Bolts and 304 SS Nuts coated to prevent galling
  • Equipped with NPT Tapped Vent Plugs on Top and Bottom Shells
  • Test Port Plugs and Lifting Eye Included
  • Perimeter Bolting and Gasket System (no end glands to tighten)

  • Ultra Sleeve Bell Joint Repair Clamp Pricing

    Due to the variable weights and shipping options this product is only
    available to order by phone. Call 1-877-PIPEMAN (1-877-747-3626)

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