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Jet Swet Single Tool Plumbing Plugs

Jet Swets™ are used by going straight into any water line system and immediately plugging off the water to gain immediate control of the situation. No more waiting! You do the repair, including soldering, right over the Jet Swet™, then take it back out, through your newly repaired fitting. Jobs that used to take hours are now done in a matter of minutes.

  • Jet Swet Plumbing Kit Specs
  • Jet Swet Plumbing Kit Manual
  • Jet Swet Plumbing Plug Tool FAQ

Jet Swet Single Tools from 1/2" to 4.00"
Recommended For: Sched 40/80 PVC, Steel Pipe Galvanized or Black and M or L Copper


  • Rated at 55-60 PSI maximum
  • Gasket is a special EPDM/Silicon composite
  • Made from the highest quality steel and aircraft aluminum
  • One Year Limited Warranty except for replacement gaskets

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