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Accu Freeze The Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing System - Accu Freeze The Controlled Liquid Nitrogen Pipe Freezing System

The patented Accu-Freeze™ system is the most advanced pipe freezing system in the world. It utilizes liquid nitrogen in a controlled and automated system to safely and reliably freeze static liquids in a selected section of pipe or tubing. The standard Accu-Freeze™ AF1000 Kit is used to create an in-line ice plug capable of withstanding 2000 PSI in pipes up to 12 inches in diameter and can be modified to handle even larger diameter jobs. Ice plugs (or "freeze seals") temporarily isolate sections of pipe for as long as necessary, allowing repairs or modifications to be made without shutting off or draining down the entire system.

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Safely and Reliably Freezes Your Pipe

Accu-Freeze uses its patented control system to accurately and safely create an ice plug

The ice plug only forms beneath the Accu-Freeze coil wrap and jacket (jacket is used on a 6.00"-12.00" inch pipe.) and does not expand outside of this point. This controlled plug does not create enough pressure to affect the integrity of the pipe. Pipe bursts happen when ice forms in an uncontrolled manner and creates hydrostatic pressure between ice plugs or against a closure in the line.

Accu-Freeze customers have requested pipe-freezing systems that will:

  • be able to freeze large diameter pipe
  • control the entire freeze process
  • minimize exposure to nuclear applications of the pipe, the Accu-Freeze system
  • controls the flow of liquid nitrogen through the wrap
  • Not available in: CA, NV, AZ, CO, NM, OR, WA, ID, UT, TX, and MT.

    Due to the variable weights and shipping options this product is only
    available to order by phone. Call 1-877-PIPEMAN (1-877-747-3626)

ACCU FREEZE Liquid (LN2) Nitrogen Pipe Freeze System

Price Each

AF-1000 - Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Pipe Freezing System 1/4" to 12.00" I.D.

Kit Contains

1-AF7000 Carrying Case

1-AF2000-HV Control Solenoid Valve Header Complete

1-AF3000 Digital Controller Complete

1-AF4010 10 ft. Flexible Cryogenic Hose

1-AF4400 Ferrules, Fittings, Tee Connector Assorted Pack

10-AF5001 Type (T) Connector Plug (Male)

10-AF5002 Type (T) Connector Jack (Female)

3-AF5004 T/C Wire @ 4 ft. With Male End Connector

3-AF5033 T/C Wire @ 33 ft. With Male & Female Connector

1-AF5100 Thermo Couple Wire 100 ft. Roll

1-AF5101 T/C Wire Spools

1-AF8000 2 Channel Temp Monitor Battery Operated

1-AF7100 Operating Manual

1-AF7200 Insulated Gloves

1-AF7300 Safety Glasses

1-AF9000 6-inch to 12-inch Insulating Jacket

1 Roll 50ft 5/16" dia Copper Coil


AF - 1000 Liquid Nitrogen (LN2) Components needed to make into a Double Freeze System up to 12.00" I.D. Additions needed:

AF-2000-HV - Control Solenoid Valve Header complete

AF-3000 - Accu-Freeze Digital Controller complete

AF-4010 - Accu-Freeze - 10ft. Flexible Cryogenic

AF-9000 - Accu-Freeze 6.00" to 12.00" Insulating Jacket


Nitrogen Pipe Freeze Accessories

Price Each

AF2000-HV Control Solenoid Valve Header Complete High Flow


AF2002-HV Solenoid Valve Only


AF2004 Manual Isolation Valves

$   555.00

AF3000 Digital Controller Complete


AF4010 10 Ft. Flexible Cryogenic Hose


AF4020 20 Ft. Flexible Cryogenic Hose


AF4025 25 Ft. Flexible Cryogenic Hose


AF4030 30 Ft. Flexible Cryogenic Hose


AF4400 Ferrules, Fittings, Tee Connector Asst'd Pack

$   315.00

AF5001 Type "T" Connector Plug ( Male) 10 Pack

$   225.00

AF5002 Type "T" Connector Jack (Female) 10 Pack

$   248.00

AF5004 T/C Wire @ 4 ft. with Male End Connector

$    62.00

AF5033 T/C Wire @ 33 ft. with Male & Female Connector

$   146.00

AF5100 Thermo Couple Wire 100 ft. Roll

$   329.00

AF7000 Carrying Case


AF7100 Operating Manual

$     16.95

AF7200 Insulated Gloves

$     19.95

AF7300 Safety Glasses

$       7.95

AF8000 2 Channel Temp Monitor Battery Operated

$  1,280.00

AF9000 6.00" to 12.00" inch Insulating Jacket

$  1,073.00

Optional: Precision CNC Machined Double-Walled Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

Price Each

AF-1002 - 2.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$    785.00

AF-1003 - 3.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 1,299.00

AF-1004 - 4.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 1,965.00

AF-1006 - 6.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 2,625.00

AF-1008 - 8.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 3,295.00

AF-1010 - 10.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 3,950.00

AF-1012 - 12.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets

$ 4,860.00

AF-1014 - 14.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets


AF-1016 - 16.00" Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets


AF-Tape - 50 Ft Roll (for sealing Aluminum Freeze Seal Jackets)

$     39.95

AF-2003 - 1/2" Flare Adapter

$    305.00

Adapter Kit - Adapts 2.0" Alum Freeze Jacket for 1/2", 3/4", 1", 1-1/2" Steel Pipe

$ 1,260.00

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