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General Wire Kinetic Water Ram

Clear Clogged Sinks, Toilets and Tubs Up to 4" in diameter

General Wire Kinetic Water Ram

  • Specs

Here's a compact, light-weight tool for quickly opening clogged sinks, toilets and tubs. It handles rust, grease, sediment, and scale in lines up through 4" in diameter.

The Kinetic Water Ram uses a burst of compressed air that drives a shock wave (kinetic energy) through water to break up stoppage. It's particularly useful when the stoppage is on the far side of a drum trap or series of tight bends, since the shock wave can travel around bends without losing its force

The Ram has a self-contained pump and pressure gauge, so you can hit the stoppage with just the right amount of force. You get instant impact with no build-up of pressure in the plumbing system. The force is transmitted through water, so it's not affected by stacks or vents.

An optional toilet attachment (KR-CA) screws onto the front of the Ram and enables you to position the cone in the bowl to get a tighter seal. As a result, you can strike the blockage with greater impact without causing splash back.


  • 16 gauge plated cylinder tested for up to 600 lbs. pressure
  • 100 lbs. gearless pressure gauge provides pinpoint pressure control
  • Built-in air compressor easily pumps up to desired pressure
  • Flexible cone seals drains ranging from 1-1/4" to 4"diameter
  • Equipped with Schraeder valve for use with external air compressor when clearing difficult stoppages
  • Standard fittings include caulking hose, 4" tapered rubber cone and five tapered rubber plugs for sealing openings from 1-1/4" through 4"
  • Optional accessories include: carrying case, toilet attachment, 6" tapered rubber cone, 1-1/2", 2", 3" and 4" expansion plugs, universal faucet adapter, water supply hose, and check valve




KR-A -Base Unit: Caulking Hose, 4" Rubber Cone, 5 Rubber Plugs - 11 lbs.


KR-A-WC - Base Unit + Case - 20lbs.


KR-C-WC - Basic Unit + KR-CA Toilet Attachment + Case - 21 lbs.


KR-D-WC - Same as KR-C-WC , less Caulking Hose, + 6" Rubber Cone, 4 Expansion Plugs, Check Valve, Extension Hose, Water Supply Hose, Faucet Adapter, Case - 27lbs.

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