Insta-Clamp Solder Joint Repair Clamp FAQ
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Insta-Clamp - FAQ

Does this work for all copper solder joint leaks?

Yes, for the sizes available 1/2” thru 4.00” it stops leaks on 45’s, 90’s Couplings and Threaded Adapters.

Can you fix a pin-hole leak with an Insta-Clamp?

Yes, the approximate 2.00" of gasket on the pipe side can be placed directly over the hole and sealed

How do I install the insta-clamp on the solder joint properly?

First, clean the pipe and solder joint area thoroughly before installation. Loosen the bolt and separate the two parts of the clamp. Snap top half of clamp with rubber directly over leak ensuring the thin part of the gasket is over the fitting and the thick part is over the pipe. With arrows facing the solder joint, slide over until flush with coupling. Spread open bottom section of clamp with nut facing out and slide on bottom half of clamp over top rubber section with arrows visible in the opening of bottom section. Tighten bolt to approximately 50 ft-lb of torque. Do not over tighten. One hot water lines, allow the gasket to seat for 20 minutes and then re-torque.

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