Relton Carbide Hole Saw FAQ
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Relton Carbide Tipped Hole Saws - FAQ

Can you make these for any other sizes?

Yes, Relton can make diameters to 6.00" and cutting depths to 48.00".

What if I need special inside diameter?

Relton can make just about any combination of Pipe ID and OD as needed

Why are these more expensive than standard carbide hole saws?

These are commercial quality made for manufacturing and when being used often. They outlast a Bi Metal hole saw 50-1 to 200-1

Can you replace the brazed on carbide tips or resharpen them?

Yes, both can be done very inexpensive cutting down the real cost of ownership. Just call us for a quote.

Why do they have so many styles to pick from?

Having the right tool for job is important. There are different materials from soft plastic to wood to metal to granite. There is a “BEST” Relton style for any cutting needs you may have.

Can I use my standard arbor with these?

No, not unless you have a special order. Then we can have the standard hole saw back-plate made.

Which hole saw can perform well for several holes over the long-term?

Each hole saw has actual carbide teeth brazed into the steel body. Different applications require different hole saws. Each series is engineered to cut a specific material. All can be used dry or wet, hand-held or in a stationary drill. All can be re-sharpened or have teeth replaced as needed. If your job requires a large number of holes, lower your cost per hole with a Relton hole saw. If you burn up high-speed hole saws, or if bi-metal hole saws aren't tough enough, this hole saw is for you.

What is the carbide kerf on Relton hole saws?

.130" (approx 1/8").

How many holes can I drill when using a Relton hole saw?

Relton offers 6 different styles of saws for different applications and these saws are professionally designed for production work. There are many factors that need to be considered: material, speed and feed, diameter and depth of cut, etc, but in many applications, Relton saws will outlast high-speed and bi-metal saws between 50-1 to 200-1! Remember, Relton hole saws have carbide teeth brazed into the body wall that can be resharpened or replaced as needed.

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