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JCM 106 Bell Joint Leak Clamp
  • JCM 106 Bell Joint Leak Clamp Specs
  • JCM 106 Bell Joint Leak Clamp Install Info

Sizes available for PVC Rubber Joint Bells - Std Steel Sizes (SDR26, SDR21) 4.00" to 8.00"
Sizes Available for Standard Steel Threaded Couplings 4.00" to 8.00"


  • Body: Ductile Iron per ASTM A536
  • Bolts & Nuts: Epoxy Coated Bolts Powercron 590-534 corrosion resistant low alloy
  • Coating: Ductile Iron components furnished with corrosion resistant shop coat primer
  • Gasket: Virgin SBR - Compounded for use with water, salt solutions, mild acids and bases
  • Temperature Range: from -40° to 150° F (-40° to 65° C) constant, max intermittent 180° F

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  • JCM 106 Bell Joint Leak Clamp Pricing

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