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Qualitech Line Stop Machines - FAQ

What is this used for?

There are times when you just can’t drain the system in a facility. Line Stopping allows you to block off the water so you can remove a section of bad pipe or stuck valve and replace it and then resume service without a major interruption. You complete a Hot Tap through the line stop saddle and then use the Qualitech machine to block off the water while the repair is done and then remove the machine and valve, insert a plug, cap it off and your job is complete.

Do you have weld-on fittings for steel pipe instead of Bolt-on saddles?

Yes, we carry the Qualitech carbon steel weld-on line stop fittings with plug and cap.

What is Line Stopping?

When you can’t stop the flow in a line and need to do a repair without draining the system or causing a long shut down, a line stop works well. Line stopping is similar to hot tapping in that you will be tapping into a live line under pressure. You will then remove the hot tap machine and place a line stop machine onto the valve. A line stop machine has rubber bladders that act like line plugs that will expand after being lowered down into the pipe. Once the flow is stopped, the repair can be performed. Completion of the job has the line stop machine retracted, removed and shutting the value off. A completion plug setting tool is placed on the valve and screws a completion plug down into the outlet. You remove the plug setting tool, remove the valve and add a cap and your job is completed.

How can I isolate a line for repair, to replace a valve or extend out a new line without draining the system or causing a long shutdown?

If you can’t shut off a valve and stop the flow a Line Stop will allow you to accomplish the same task. It requires Hot Tapping the pipe and then doing a Line Stop. This requires a Hot Tap Machine, Valve, Hydrostatic pump, Line Stop Machine and Saddle.

Does the Qualitech line stop equipment perform the tap that will allow the plug into the line?

No. The line stop equipment is only for inserting and removing the stopper plug, then installing the completion plug to cap the outlet on the stopper nipple. Qualitech makes tapping machines, but any tapping equipment can be used.

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